Message and Health

Massage has an important role in a health of body. To prove it, you need to know the effect for your body. Massage is functioned to make the lymph flow and blood circulation work well. It is because in a massage, your body will be pressured manually that makes your blood flow rate increase. Besides that, the nerve receptor stimulation makes the vessels of blood greater. Of course, it makes the blood flow better.

Lymph brings the waste and throws it away from the cells and through structures which are like a gland whole the system of lymphatic which act as valves of filtering. The lymph cannot circulate like a blood. So, the movement will mostly depend on the muscle construction squeezing effect. For the consequence, people who are inactive cannot stimulate the lymph flow. Besides that, the stimulation because of the hard activities is able to be outstripped by the waste which is increased. In these cases, massage is able to help the lymph movement.

massage and health

To make your entire body healthy, the cells must also be healthy. Each body cell depends on the lymph and blood supply that is abundant. It is because they provide oxygen and nutrients then throw away toxin and any waste. That is why good circulation is very important for our body entirely.

Massage also functions for changes in our blood. It is able to increase the capacity of oxygen up about 10% up to 15%. Besides that, massage also influences muscles in the whole body. It can reduce the contraction, as well as stimulate the weak muscles. This will balance and make the movement more efficient. Massage cannot directly make the muscle strength, but it can recover the tired muscles faster because of training. Therefore, it is possible for you to do training and exercise more. So, it gradually will strengthen your muscles. Then, massage also supplies a stretching action for both connective tissues and muscles which support and surround the muscles that will assist to keep the elasticity of the tissues.

Massage can also increase the secretions as well as excretions of body. It can be seen that after massage, the urine, saliva, and gastric juices production increase. That shows the increasing of metabolic rate. Besides that, message can also influence body nervous system where it is able to balance the body nervous system. It can happen because massage sooths and stimulates the body nervous system. Then, it is also able to make the skin condition better because it adds the seat glands and oil function in which they function to keep the lubrication of skin, and make the skin cooler as well as healthier. Even more, the skin also becomes softer and smoother. Another function of massage is for integral organs where it is able to stimulate nerves which supply these organs’ blood vessels, internal organs, and more blood to them.

Why should you understand the massage effects for physiologic? Of course it will make you know the advantages of massage for fitness and health. Massage closely relates to those two things. It is very important for those and can give many benefits. Massage is able to reduce physical fatigue. Besides that, it is also able to recover your fitness after workouts, playing, or exercise. So, you will be able to do better training and your training will also be more effective because of the better performance. What also important is that massage is also able to prevent the injury.

The people from civilizations of old Mediterranean understood this well. After they exercise, the take a bath including get a body massage wholly. They understood well that it is very important considering the benefits. Now, in this modern era, there are many people who are interested in health, fitness, human potential and wellness because of the same reason.

For some of people who start to train for fitness or exercise program, they often think that willing is more important than the flesh. After you exercise every day or regular or regularly, most parts of your body will change. What makes massage therapist interesting is that the blood vessels will be more intricate. It happens to meet the demand of your body for the needs of more nutrients, more oxygen, and more elimination. In fact, it needs much time. As your muscles get shaped, they are difficult to get enough nutrients and oxygen.

However, many people think that most exercise programs make you get aches and pains and it needs much money to make the body get fresh again. That is totally wrong. Massage is able to be used to improve your endurance. Besides that, it can also control the fatigue so that you will get the better health and performance.

Massage can also function to disperse the muscle actions that make the muscles irritated. Carbonic acids and lactic build in the muscle tissue soon after you start exercising. Those acids contribute to make occasional cramping and pain that are usually suffered by dancers, athletes, exerciser, etc after performing or workouts. The acids are created when the glycogen is stored in the muscles and liver in burned to make the energy greater. Unfortunately, it usually occur fatigue and pain. In this case, massage will be very useful to heal the irritation as well as increase the rates of muscle recovery. Then, it can increase about 305 to 70%, moreover 100% if you take a rest after massage.

Joints are very important for exercise. It is because they are moved by your muscles for the movement. Joints are complex and their parts can be settled and stiffened. Joints will be sluggish if they are not used for example for exercise. This problem can be solved by a massage to free the muscle tension and connective tissue.

Besides that, massage can also recover your muscles from soft tissue pain like strains and sprains. It is because healing tissues’ suitable stimulation and injured areas’ efficient circulation accelerate the tissues’ repair and growth. Not all injuries need to be treated by a doctor and can be treated by your own, but it certainly still leaves a pain. So, in this case, massage is needed.

Then, the greater health awareness certainly also need the greater nutrition awareness. Your planned diet will be wasteful if your blood vessels cannot open larger that makes the nutrition cannot extend to the cells. Fortunately, massage can help to get the rates of internal nutrition because it improves the circulation.

Stress can make people ill. This makes anyone interested to care for health. Of course, each of us has our own routines that make us feel stress such as society, environment, family, or work problems. If you let those things happen, it will cause a danger called stress. If you are stress, the circulation will be reduced, your heart will work much harder than the usual, your breath will be faster, and the digestion will be slower. Even more, stress can cause peptic ulcers, depression, hypertension, migraine, etc. So, it can be said that most diseases are related to stress factors. Once again, stress simply can heal your stress and minimize the bad effects.

Massage can also affect to psychological. With many benefits for muscle problems, it can protect you from psychological illness. Massage can make you refresh again. People who use massage are certainly aware that they find a good therapy that has many benefits without consuming drugs. Some of the diseases that can be healed by a massage therapy are minor aches, sinusitis, syndrome of carpal tunnel, asthma, arthritis, spastic colon, constipation, and there are still many other ills. So, people who have a dependency on drugs and pharmacy should consider massage therapy for their health. From the explanations above, simply it can be said that massage therapy offers the better health for anyone with natural powers. It offers the health because it boosts the body’s process.

This article is focused on the benefits of massage for the body and real massages’ scientific effects. So, it can be said that massage is an art of healing and also a science. Therapeutic massage theories are characteristically scientific but the real application of the theories is an creative art that involves mind’s experiencing peace, pleasurable relaxation, touch sensitivity, and sharing energy, wordless unique communication, intuition, insight and healing sense. For sure, massage is often related to spiritual effect like a meditation.

For recent years, there have been many terms that are related to massage, they are reflexology, polarity, reichian, esalen, acupressure, shiatsu, oriental, bodywork, neuromuscular, sports, Swedish, holistic, therapeutic, and there are still many other terms. In this article, massage here refers to the soft tissues’ scientific manipulation. What you have to pay attention is that every art of healing which employs a therapy of massage should include the following forms; they are movement, pressure stroking, pressing, kneading, etc. It is no matter how often those forms are used.

If you want to get the best massage therapist, you can get it from your friend who has ever got a massage therapy or at least has a reference about it. Besides that, you can also ask a health professional who understand well about the alternative of health care like massage therapy. You can also contact the Australian Massage Therapists Association and Queen and Association of Massage Therapists for the massage therapists who have a good quality in your own area.

There are many kinds of massage. Different kinds of massage will have different benefits. So, before you decide to get a massage, you need to look for the information about the massage types and choose that is suitable to your need. However, you may also try some massages because it will not give a bad effect for you. When you talk to a therapist, you have to ask him or her to make sure that he or she is accredited. Or, you can also make sure that he or she guarantees the massage service he or she offers. One of the simplest ways to know whether a therapist is credible or not is that he or she belongs to A.M.T.A or Q.A.M.T or any other professional association. Experience of massage and massage styles are also important to know.

In the session of massage therapy which commonly takes an hour for length, you will usually be asked to put off your clothes with a comfort consideration. However, you do not need to worry because you will be covered by a towel or blanket so that only the parts of your body which will be massaged that is uncovered. So, just respect the rules and enjoy the massage then you will feel the comfort and get the benefits.

During the massage time or session, you may talk to the therapist or not. It will depend or your need. For example, if you request something that is related to the massage, you need to talk to the therapist. In this case, communication is very important. However, if you want to enjoy and just silent during the session of massage, that will not be a problem, but it will be better if you appraise and give him or her feedback, comment, or advice about the massage so that the massage service can be better.

There are other important things during the massage session. The therapist usually will use lotion or oil. However, if you have allergens with those, you have to tell him or her. So, the therapist will change the lotion or oil. Besides that, usually, music will be played. If you feel disturbed, just tell that you prefer the quiet nuance. Then, if you want to cancel the appointment with the therapist, you have to inform earlier so that you can make a new appointment.

In conclusion, to get the massage benefits that have been explained above, it will be better if you choose a therapist who has knowledge of healing sense, powerful touch, sensitive massage technique, kinesiology, physiology, and anatomy. So, get a massage for your health.

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Medical research proves that the circulation of blood and lymph flow can be improved by massage. Direct mechanical pressure and manual rhythmic movement of the fingers in the process of massage can increase blood flow rate significantly. Besides massage also indirectly stimulates neural receptors that cause blood vessels to dilate, it also makes the blood flow to be improved.

All What People Need to Know About Massage

all about massageHave you ever been massaged before? Massage is the action of rubbing and pressing someone’s body with regular repeated moves for the sake of making that person feels relaxed by reducing the stiffness or pain in the joints or muscles. Is that all you know about it? Have you ever thought how it comes to be? Well, it won’t hurt to know more about it. For that reason, the writer will tell you all you need to know about massage here. Let’s get started then.

Massage History

You know, massage is not something that appears just recently. You might not think about it before, but it is the oldest form of medical care. It is the simplest too, by the way. Its existence has been proven by Egyptian paintings with images of people being massaged. Eastern cultures have practiced it since a very long time ago too. Even the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates wrote about massage in his book The Physician Must Be Experienced in Many Things in the 5th Century B.C.

Massage seems positive when we talk about it this way. However, the value of massage had ever gone down because of massage parlors which mean a place where a person can pay to have sex. But, people have finally understood that massage is used for health that is for relieving pain of disease and for relaxation. Since that time, massage is used for intensive care units for many people, like children, elderly people, babies treated in incubators, and people with various diseases, like cancer, AIDS, etc.

Massage Therapy

If you ask about massage type, it might be something that can’t be counted in numbers since there are more than 80 types of massage so far. Those types are what are called as modalities in massage. The approaches to massage therapy are like deep-tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, etc. Furthermore, each modality has different technique to do the massage, like exaggerated strokes and quick, percussion-like strokes.

However, different technique is also used for different people, just like how different approaches used for each injury treatment and relaxation. Of course, there are certain techniques that are only used for certain people, like prenatal massage for pregnant women. How long will it take for massage to be done anyway? Well, sometimes it can only be around 5 to 10 minutes, but it can be way longer than that as well that is for around 2 to 3 hours.

Massage Advantage and Disadvantage

Basically, the simple advantage of massage is none other than relieving pain for relaxation. Massage is good to increase circulation and immunity for the sake of reducing pain, whether it is because of severe diseases or minor injuries. Massage does give advantages for all kinds of people. For infants, it is good to help them grow. For children, it is beneficial to solve treat their medical, physical, and emotional problems. Even people who are dying will be relieved from their pain with it.

However, even a therapy as good as massage has its disadvantage as well. Actually, there are certain people you can use massage therapy on. For people with fever and infection, massage will only make things worse. It is also not recommended for drunkards. Even people with advanced illness or people, who have just done surgery recently, must have written permission to get massage therapy. Of course, it is to ensure that massage won’t make those people feel worse.

Laws for Massage Therapists

Since massage has been a common yet important medical treatment, of course there are laws set for the massage therapists to conduct such therapy to their patients. Around 42 states, including the District of Columbia and 4 Canadian provinces have set the laws for massage therapists through registration, licensure, or certification. Usually, massage therapists have to graduate from a massage therapy school. The education covers many things to learn for the therapists.

Usually, the education will include modalities, anatomy/physiology, pathology, business, ethics and on-the-job training. One more thing that is also important is for the therapists to have liability insurance to protect them. It is just in case if the patient or the client is injured during massaging. It is also needed when the patient has inconvenient reaction to the product used during that time. Other than that, there is also the law regarding the confidentiality of the patient’s records.

Protocols for Massage Therapists

When there are laws for the therapists, there are also protocols they need to follow during the massage process. One of the protocols is about the proper draping. It is a must for the therapists to drape the patient during the patient, especially in the genitals and anal area. The undraped area must be the place where they work the therapy on only. The other protocol is that they must follow the ethics all the time. If not, their disciplinary action might be taken by the state.

Of course, therapists can work with nurses, physicians, other therapists, but they are not allowed to practice medicine unless they are licensed to do so. Massage therapists’ job is only to treat the patient. They don’t diagnose and can’t cure illness. The last protocol concerns about their knowledge and the patient. So, if the patient happens to need a help of something that the therapists think can’t do, they must suggest the patient to ask the help of others who are skilled about that matter.

There you got it. Now, have you understood more about massage? Indeed, massage is the oldest and simplest form of medical treatment. However, even if it is old and simple, it does not mean that it is not a big deal. Rather, massage has contributed so many things to people’s health. It can be used to almost every person in this world. As long as the proper techniques are used, massage shouldn’t have caused any problem to the patient. The therapists themselves are regulated by laws and protocols that they must follow no matter what to ensure the patient’s safety.

Key Steps to Get a Massage which Can Make You Feel Better

Firstly, you have to know that you are the priority. Many people decide to go to an expert massage therapist and they may ask request anything. There is an adage that consumer will always be right. That also happens in massage. You certainly want to get an expert massage therapist, however, you have to note that you may not request for only focus on one particular are and also special pressure which you actually may not receive.

massage for your health

A professional massage therapist will always apply what you want with the best techniques for your satisfaction. It is like when you go shopping and want to buy something; of course you just only focus on what you have decided to buy. You do not want that the salesman offers any other product even though it almost always happens. That also happens to a massage. If you do not get your purpose in the massage therapy, you may complain and the therapist should listen it. Then, he or she will give the solution. However, the therapist of massage does not listen to your words, it will be better for you to stop and end the session of massage. It may sound too impolite, but it will be wasteful if you spend much time as well as money for something ineffective.

Secondly, you have to decide your purpose of the massage treatment. The treatment of massage therapy will be able to meet your demand. To achieve this, you have to make sure that you work with the skilled, professional, and communicated massage therapist so that he or she may listen your problem and apply the massage based on your purpose. With it, you will feel satisfied. So, if it is needed, you may ask the massage therapist’s experience and professionalism.

Besides that, you can also talk to the clients who have experiences to get the massage form the therapist you are going to work with. Ask them about their satisfactions. If it is possible, you can also visit and see all the facilities they offer for your massage. Make sure that the facilities are relaxing, clean, and therapeutic. You have also to make sure that it will be comfortable and suitable to you. Talking with the therapist directly will also be a good idea to make sure about all the facilities a=of the massage that you will get.

After you decide to register for getting a massage therapy, you usually will be asked to fulfill a paper work. Make sure that you have enough time and do not disturb the massage time. You can see that many therapists are very busy with his or her clients all day. At the time, you usually will be greeted by the therapist politely. Then, he or she introduce his or herself and accompany you after you finish with your paper work. He or she usually asks about your detail purposes. So, just tell your purposes as specific as possible so that you can get it. The massage treatment room should be comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable. The therapist then tells you that you mat put off your clothes for your comfort in getting the massage.

It should be noted that not all people feel comfortable to put off the clothes. So, keep the clothes on is surely fine. There are some experiences that there are some clients who start the massage with their clothes. However, after they feel comfortable with the massage, they put off the clothes and they feel better and better. In fact, massage will feel more comfortable if it is directly applied on your skin. But there are also some clients that keep their clothes until the massage ends and the therapist will still be able to give his or her best massage.

During the massage is going, you will be covered with a blanket or towel properly. This is not only a rule, bit it relates to your comfort. So, only some areas of your body that will be massaged which should be exposed. However, it is very important to note that some massage establishments give very small towel or blanket to cover the clients’ naked body. It happens sometimes. So, you have to be aware because it may be a prostitution place. So, before you make an appointment, you have to make sure that the establishment is legitimate. Therefore, you will not waste your time as well as money because in this case, you have a right to do it. For sure, the clients’ satisfaction should be prioritized.

Usually, the massage therapist will leave the massage room while you put off your clothes. Then you lay on the table and cover your body with a towel. Some establishments also apply the relaxation switch where you can press it to turn on as the sign that you are ready to start the massage session. However, if they do not apply relaxation switch, you should put off your clothes, lay on the table and cover your body with a towel quickly so avoid something unexpected. If you are not comfortable with this where you have to put off your clothes and just lay under a towel, you can also ask for the opening door.

After you lay on the table massage, the therapist should soon enter the massage room. He or she should ask you’re feeling about the table, the temperature and all related to the comfort such as the pillow, the bolster, and there are still many others.

Before he or she does his or her job to do massage, the therapist usually will tell you that you may tell him or her if you feel that the massage need less or more pressure. So, you will not get any pain and you feel comfortable. If you want for the general massage relaxation, he or she commonly will not talk to you during the session of the massage therapy. There are many massage therapy experiences where the clients tell about their problems and they need to pay more money to get the more comfortable and better services. So, you have to be careful and make sure in the early of the guarantee of the massage for your massage service satisfaction.

Remember the first key that you are the priority. So, if you need something, just tell it. For example, may be you want to listen the music during the massage session. So, your massage therapist will play the music that you request to achieve your purpose and gat the more sensation. So, you can enjoy the massage now. You may request something else for example to turn off the air conditioner.

It is also need to be noted that you may want to get a massage for specific purpose. For example is to treat a pain. So, you need to discuss it. He or she may ask many things about it and just tell it all so that you can get the best massage. Lay on the table with your face down, and let the therapist works.

After the massage session ends, usually the therapists will tell about your health like you’re muscular. He or she will give some advices to you for the best treatment that is related to your need because some pains may need regular massages for the treatment. For example, you need to get massage twice a week, one a week, twice a month, one a month, etc. It will be based on your muscle problem or any other pain. The therapist surely will help you.

Then, it is also important to know that whatever your pain problem, he or she as the therapist has to give the solution about it. If the massage therapy is not the best solution for your pain, he or she should advise you for other therapy that is more appropriate for you to show the professionalism.

Thirdly, massage has various techniques for different purposes. If you have never got a massage before, you will be offered so many massage menus. You can see that there are various massage techniques. Some massage techniques may seem scary if you have never heard it before. Sometimes, there is also misinterpretation cause by the unskilled therapist. So, the expert therapist is needed here.

In fact, people who understand about Swedish massage, tissue massage, Reiki treatment, and shiatsu are only the massage practitioners. As a consumer of massage therapy, you may only care about one thing that is your satisfaction. What you need is to get the massage that can achieve your purpose based on your pain or problems such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, sport performance, stress solution, or just regular or general massage. You do not know about the techniques of the massage. So, it is important for you to work with an expert who is able to apply the massage techniques based on your pain. So, you do not need to choose the massage techniques because that the therapist’s job.

Fourthly, it is important to know how to communicate effectively with the massage therapist. Back to the first key that you, as the client, are the priority and will get what you need related to the massage service. So, you have to get open communication with your therapist. For example, if the massage pressure is too fast and you need the slower massage pressure, tell it to your massage therapist and he or she will apply the slower massage pressure.

If you feel uncomfortable about the massage, you have to speak up and tell the truth. You cannot let your body feel uncomfortable until the massage session ends. The problem is that there are many people who do not feel comfortable when they are massaged but they do not tell it. The reason is that they do not want to criticize the therapist’s job.

However, if the therapist does not want to respond you complaint, it will be better to end the massage session soon. Moreover, you do not need to pay for that unsatisfied massage service. If your therapist is an expert, he or she should prioritize your satisfaction. Even more, actually there are some body languages that can be understood by the massage therapist when you feel uncomfortable. So, he or she should change the massage techniques. If you do not get it, so you can consider looking for another massage therapist who is really expert.

Lastly, you are able to have a massage for surely free. That sounds strange but that is reasonable. Actually, it is not a problem to pay something that you get for your need. However, it will be better if you can get it for free.

When you have a headache, muscle pain, get stress, or any other health problem, getting massage commonly become the solution. You will be fresher and your pain is healed. Of course, you will not mind to pay for it. However, if you can get it all for free, why not? Some massage establishments offer the incentive that you can get the massage for free if you can ask some people to be their clients. So, you can practice it. It is a creative technique that is very useful. The amount of the people they require will be different based on the massage establishment’s rules. The incentive may also be in money form that you can also use it for the massage there. You can ask your family, neighbors, friends, or anyone you know to get the massage where you get the massage. More people you get more incentives you will achieve.

If you do not get a good massage service you can look for other massage therapies. There many establishments the offer the therapy of massage with satisfying service. If you do not look for the better massage therapist, you will waste your time as well as money for unsatisfying massage service. So, you can use this article as the reference to get the best massage service form the best massage therapist.

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